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7 of the best children's books to celebrate Earth Day

Words by Bloomsbury | Apr 15 2024

🌍 Enjoy fascinating and informative books about our environment, from Your Planet Needs You to Change is in the Air 🌍.

1. Race for the Ruby Turtle  by Stephen Bramucci

A heartfelt middle grade eco-adventure story full of friendship and self-discovery, perfect for fans of Dan Gemeinhart and Gary D. Schmidt.

Jake Rizzi is about to spend the summer at his great-aunt's cabin in the mossy, sodden Oregon backwoods. His parents seem to need a break from him and his ADHD. He tries not to take it personally, but isn't sure about his aunt's off-the-grid lifestyle and strange stories about a turtle with a ruby-colored shell.

Soon, Jake learns that the turtle is more than a myth. And thanks to a viral article online, strangers from all over the world have arrived to search for it--including a sinister animal poacher and towering twin zoologists from Sweden. Jake is sure that finding the turtle will change how people see him and his “attention issues”--but he'll need help. Setting off with his new friend Mia, Jake must decide what matters more--personal glory? Or protecting the wonders of nature?

2. Your Planet Needs You  by Philip Bunting

For Earth Day and all year round, an inspiring guide that teaches young activists how to combat waste.

Each year, a single person can create up to a ton of garbage. That's the weight of a small hippo! Where does all that waste come from? Where does it end up? How does composting work? And what else can we do to help our planet? Your Planet Needs You! is packed with simple explanations of of how kids and their families can reduce, re-use, and recycle to help clean up our planet.

With easy-to-read infographics and a light, accessible tone, Your Planet Needs You! shows that taking care of our environment can be both fun and rewarding.

2. Into the Forest  by Christiane Dorion (Author), Jane McGuinness (Illustrator)

The world is rich with marvelous forests and amazing communities of plants, animals, fungi, and minute creatures that populate them. Marvel at the peaceful twilight of the deciduous forest, where birds gather twigs, bats shelter in tree trunks, and the carpet of fallen leaves becomes small creatures' homes. Spot a bald eagle soaring high up in the winter sky through the towering green giants of the redwood forest. Discover all the noises in the Amazonian rain forest, where most creatures live in the tree canopy together, creating a symphony of sounds. Each forest has something special to offer and is invaluable.

Children will find out how trees change color through seasons, how to plant their own trees, and the importance of protecting our forests through sustainability.

4. When Sea Becomes Sky  by Gillian McDunn

Bex and Davey's summer in the saltmarsh is different this year, thanks to the record-breaking drought. Even the fish seem listless--and each day the water level lowers farther. When they discover a mysterious underwater statue, they're thrilled at the chance to solve the puzzle of its origin. This is the summer adventure they've been waiting for.

When they learn of a development plan that will destroy their special spot, they'll need to act quickly. Unfortunately, sometimes progress happens whether you're ready or not. What will it mean if Bex and Davey lose their corner of the marsh where otters frolic and dragonflies buzz--their favorite place to be siblings together?

As Bex and Davey attempt to save the statue and their beloved marsh, they come to see that the truth is not as simple as it seems . . . ultimately discovering so much more about life, permanence, love, and loss than they ever expected.

5. The Ocean  by Miranda Krestovnikoff

Oceans cover more than 70% of the world--and so much science is lurking underneath that water's surface. This survey-style book explores an incredible collection of narratives, featuring fascinating facts and stories about the world's deepest seas and oceans. This is an eye-catching, comprehensive look at the creatures and plants that populate these waters and the people who have explored it, as well as a critical look at what is at stake now in protecting it. Featuring an eclectic mix of layout styles with incredible artwork throughout, this is a book that will amaze children and families alike with fantastic facts on the astounding seas and oceans that cover our planet.

6. Change Is in the Air  by Debbie Levy (Author), Alex Boersma (Illustrator)

A nonfiction picture book about amazing ways that the Earth removes carbon from the air, and amazing ways people can help, offering a fresh and hopeful perspective on climate change.

The Earth has a problem: there's too much carbon in the air.

Luckily, the Earth also has amazing powers to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere-like the power of kelp, mangroves, and dirt. Although these powers alone cannot get us out of the climate crisis we're facing, the Earth has another important power: the power of people! People have the power to change, protect, innovate, and invent.

7. The Wolves of Yellowstone  by Catherine Barr

Here is the fascinating true story of the wolves who restored the ecosystem at Yellowstone National Park, written by Catherine Barr and illustrated by award-winner Jenni Desmond.

In the 1930s, the last wolves disappeared from Yellowstone National Park.

Without them, elk herds overran the plains. Bears starved, rabbit families shrunk, and birds flew away to new homes. Then plants and trees started to die off, too-even the flow of rivers was affected.

Could the park be saved . . . by the wolves it had lost?

After years of planning, in 1995 a team of experts was ready to find out. They carefully relocated fourteen wolves from the Canadian Rockies to Yellowstone. This is the story of their homecoming.

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