Words by Jude Drake | Nov 21 2023

Bloomsbury announced it is launching Carbon Literacy Training for all staff across all Bloomsbury offices globally.

In collaboration with the award winning Carbon Literacy Project and Bloomsbury author, Jen Gale, author of the Sutainable-ish Living Guide, the course will be launched in time for Carbon Literacy Action Day on 4th December. The introduction of training supports the company’s aim to influence culture change and helps staff to make informed sustainable decisions.

The course has been designed by Jen Gale with input from Jude Drake, Head of Sustainability at Bloomsbury to draw focus to Bloomsbury’s climate impact as well as the publishing industry in general. The course covers climate change, carbon footprints, climate justice, how to take action, and why it’s relevant to Bloomsbury as a company and every single member of staff. 

The course has been accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project, who define Carbon Literacy® as relevant climate change learning that catalyses action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Carbon Literacy Project will also provide the certification for staff on completion of the course.

Tapping into Bloomsbury’s immediate sphere of influence, this course will increase climate awareness and drive behaviour change by colleagues both in and out of the workplace. The course will support colleagues to fully understand what climate change means both locally and globally, as well as from an individual and a professional perspective. Staff will come away understanding the impact Bloomsbury has as well as the company’s targets and ongoing initiatives. Importantly, they will know they can support emissions reduction efforts through the decisions they make, whether it be at design, production, procurement, publishing or strategic level. 

Bloomsbury Publishing

Jude Drake, Head of Sustainability

Carbon Literacy is important for any future looking business and we are excited to launch Bloomsbury’s Carbon Literacy training course. It’s informative and fun, if a little scary in parts, and we hope people will come away feeling empowered. We know our colleagues care about sustainability and want them to feel confident in their knowledge and ability to take action.

It is hoped that this level of understanding will embed sustainable practices at every level of the business. The course will be available to all staff and will be introduced as part of Bloomsbury’s new starter induction. 

Carbon Literacy Project Co-Founder

Phil Korbel

In the same way that the climate crisis is impacting on all walks of life, we need all employers to step up to the plate and enable their people to do their best thing to counter it. That's why it's such good news that a company with the standing enjoyed by Bloomsbury are coming on board with Carbon Literacy training. It'll help them lower their footprint and raise the profile of climate action both in their sector and with their brilliant readers too.

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